Why we started Hyperwork

Meetings are one of the worst kinds of workplace interruptions. They’re held too frequently, run too long, and involve more people than necessary. 


There is nothing more damaging to a project than inefficient communication. We’ve learned this by dealing with clients for the past 8 years.

Incredible business ideas, great talent and countless resources are wasted because people can’t communicate right.

We hate this. The reason why we started Hyperwork is to avoid that as much as possible. By putting a system in place that favours and enables efficient communication, we achieve results far greater and way less budget-heavy than the industry standard.

Hyperwork is a way to reward efficient clients. It’s also a way to charge ineffectiveness. Structured, organised clients should be able to complete their project in record time, with resources that would be unrealistic to imagine in another setup. They win, because they get a solid project done and they can focus on other key aspects of their business. We win, because we don’t waste our billed time organising things for them.

Hyperwork is also about the sheer satisfaction you get from a project. Working with the right people is one of the most important metrics that will tell if your business is successful or not. Having a project delivered on time, seeing it working and scaling is not only rewarding for the founders but also gratifying for the designers and developers that made it happen.

On the other hand, it is frustrating to see project stuck before it even starts. The whole experience we built is made so that doesn’t happen. We’ll develop more on that mechanism in future posts. It’s based on a behavioural insight that stands behind most lean businesses that succeed.

Our vision is to provide you with the tools to have your Minimum Viable Product ready to test on the market faster than anything or anyone out there. No matter if you’re a founder for a tech startup, a CEO or a small business owner, this will help. This is what we believe stands behind great business.

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