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Platforms for freelancers take 20%-40% of your work.
It’s time for us to rethink that.

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Lower costs for clients.

No commissions = lower prices.

Free for freelancers.

All work is your work. All money is your money.

Vetted projects.

We help clients define their goals before listing.


We’re the most dynamic network, minimizing onboarding effort and prioritizing project delivery.

Open-sourced. Owned by freelancers.

Hyperwork’s roadmap includes the development of a protocol to offer ownership based on a token that corresponds to the amount of verified work each freelancer registers on the network. The token designates the amount of equity owned by each stakeholder. We are very excited about the possibilities this brings. Keep in the loop by leaving your email address below.

Why are we building a freelancer network.

Many of us have been part of freelancer networks. They’re a great way of finding new projects to work on. We know how they work. And we think that model is broken. We’re here to fix it.

The pandemic brought a shift in the freelancer landscape. More companies are rethinking traditional employment as they start recruiting talent all over the world. This creates unique opportunities for everyone.

We are building a network to bring those opportunities closer to you. We want to offer talented people in any time zone the opportunity to become valued members of teams, be rewarded with equity, and bonuses, and discover new ways of collaborating. And do all this without biting a huge chunk of the value of your work.

If that sounds exciting, leave your email below. We’re working on the Hyperwork MVP and would love to keep you in the loop.

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